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weeee CAKE is FUN.

Okay, back to the weekend. I went to Bristol to visit Laura. Got to the station, took the wrong bus, cuz im Lynzé and a dumbass. Had to walk the rest of the way to lauras flat, giggling all the way cuz i was in that kind of care-free-mood [i LOVE that mood] got to her flat. saw her flat mates. listened to tom singing in his room. was painful but funny hehehe, hugged laura again cuz shes all lauraesque hehe. got £12.50's worth of weed off Reese and proceeded to smoke all night, then went to a random pub with old guys being rock and roll-got approached outside by some guy who apparently goes to my college [how random seeing as my college is like 2 hrs away] he asked me to go to the pub with him i said come to the academy, he said hey in the academy, i got shy, and didnt make any effort. When i got to the acdemy to start with joe was sitting right oppisite me and eventually after like 10 mins he realised i was there! He handed me a rose, which was sweet, we all danced a bit, but it wasnt as much fun as lauras flat so we went home..i decided to smoke the rest the following night and let joe have my spliff, got a bit down bout stuff but was okay. next morning woke up smiley cuz i had a dream about this guy and a poosack..and we all started talking bout poo, which is always fun! finished off joes chipped spliff and got ready-me and dani worked on giving me a quiff and the pic of its below! it was quality! :p went to the pub, twas funny, i was seeing people with quiffs everywhere, i even thought i fell through a mirror at one point [what we smoked was strong-and its been a month since ive had any so..] so we walked back to lauras flat. on the way back i spotted a haunted-looking abandoned house-type-thing and i asked everyone to come with me to see if we could spot ghosts [we were very very caned] only dani had the balls to come with me tho so i grabbed my cam but there was no sign of an entrance but dani was all 'ahh im scared its dark' I HAD to scare her, i just had to. so i did. i screamed RAA at her and took a photo- the photo made me laugh so hard i couldnt breathe!! it was so funny- i knew she'd see the funny side cuz she aint uptight and she did, as well as the others when we got back to them! we got back to the flat, smoked the rest of my goods and proceeded to have a laugh all night, mashing up cake and takin' funny photos until we got tired and cheeled out and watched ICE AGE [which actually made me cry 3 times-bastard EVIL film] Sunday i went home, glenn picked us up which was sooo sweet of him-and thats that! it was really fun tho, so yay for bristol and yay for lauraface* x

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