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A few scriblings..

Lo*e Like Love

I told it to ur face, Standing in this space. Lying down and to hold me still. I want to lay here until I feel. I can hear your touch and feel ur sound, I sense ur here, I smell the ground. Seeing it from all angles, but im upside down, promosing silence when I see that frown, I know what ur thinking, don’t turn around. Don’t hide ur smile, because I love its sound. Ur patience stings me, Ur beautiful when u cry. I need to tell you how I feel, This heart can no longer shy. Step back a second, I need a minuite to see, the space inside our circle is it full of me?

My plea to my world

One tear rolls down my face, then one follows in its disgrace. Blaming the way, the novel is written, I blame the way u wrote it. I just want u to love the way I cry. Forsaken a certain part of me.. the part that people don’t see. Taint the spinning of the record, strike up a new rhyme. …let me breathe again.
...please let me breathe again.


Take away ur makeup and take away ur clothes, ur average, a somebody, that noboody knows. Smile, let it stain you, be honest and be true, for ur passion will show ur something different, ur more then just u....Dont love me for my makeup. Dont love me for my Style. Love for my heart and the way i make u smile..
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