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In college me and him were chatting in the canteen and we were talkin' about sex. i ask him what sex was like with her and he said: 'ohhh we have really amazing dirty dirty sex, hang on. im not telling u this!' hehehe hes amazng <3

On another note. Its weird, lately ive had enough of people and they way they act. a few friends have ditched me cuz im moving away. i understand that. actually. fuck it. I dont understand it at all. A close friend has officially broken my heart. i loved her and put up with her, just to realise im nothing to her. well. i thought i was but everythings making feel feel im wrong. rant over. i dont wanna moan, i hate moaners. eek. im still moanng make it stop. exams all over the place. wish me luck. maybe break a leg? or break my legs so i dont have to attend?! actually. knowing my luck, they'll send me the exam paper and set up a dark-room in my house. THEN, theres probably some law that people who have broken legs during exam time have to take a whole load more tests! that is totally my kinda luck. hehe <3
bastard exams. exams can suck my ass. exams r super gay, GAY GAY GAY. :/

im ok.
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