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i told my mom i was a lesbian today cuz i was bored.
she gave me a funny look and went, 'haha dont be silly' and walked off.

i love my mom. <3

whats up with all this fuckin' core bullshit?

xitx xseemsx xeveryonex xhasx xthisx xnewx xlanguagex xwherex xux xmustx xusex xX'sx xtox xbex xinx xwithx xthex xscenex xorx xwhateverx. xhowx xgayx.

well fuck it.

how about a letter revolution. give it up for O's!

oseeo onowo oimo onoto onlyo osceneo oimo omoreo originalo osoo oeato omyo oasso owitho oao ospoono obiatcheso.

Also. i dont drink. smoke and i only get stoned like once every two months now, yet some edgers act like im some fuckin' drunk? its like. ignorance, much?. I used to be edge, and was for yrs. i realised the basic rules of self assurance. rule number 1] u are what u are, and to know urself, is to feel content without preaching about it. and number 2] not to let what others believe in, affect you.

how about it. i'll call myself oBLAHo ad draw O's over my nipples and tattoo O's on my ass cheeks. That way i'll be sure not to forget what i believe in when i wake up in the morn, after i spent all night doing exactly what i DONT stand for. not that im bitter towards sXe fashion posers.

by the way.

i respect edgers. just not the way some poser sXe smudge their X's off their hands by spilling their BEER all over themselves....

and im spent. <3

Ben made me a rawkus CD full of his tooonz. his tooonz. must love them or i get my nipples twisted. give me ur jacket u fuck face! <3
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