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So i had to wait around in town for my brother, decided to spend a few pennies. i like spending money when i have very little? I find that i want more stuff when i have no money, then when i get money nothing appeals to me. How wrong.

But we can all be assured. NEW LOOK and TOPSOP are totally HOT places at the mo.
Im very much a topshop whore, i love that shop so much i feel dirty when i try on clothes!
So yeh, found this top..It was baby yellow and white, a strappy number ish, bigger straps the usual with a big button holding on of the straps up. HOT. so i go to try it on, and im prancing around in the changing room and i hear a grannies voice..i peer out my curtain to see a 70-something trying on my top and she was totally swingin' her hips 'n doin' her thaaaang. her 'buddy' was gettin' down with her funky self with the matchin' skirt.. I felt like a dork. altho im honoured. grannies have great taste. harhar.

My dad just came home, and goes 'hows ma baby' and kissed me on my forehead...aww! <3 <3 <3

Mr niceguy-wood-work-tutor-teacher-person at college fixed my dice belt buckle today, even tho he said he didnt have time to do it till tommorow..and said to come back at 3 if i wanted to take it home instead of leaving it there [haha, it is mah baby...] and so i went to collect it and he fixed it all up! rawkus.

I brought baby yellow and white knee high socks today. and a cute top..
I want some white [with black, red or pink stars] 9mm plugs for my ears. right about...NOW.

Always wear a condom. <3
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